Bulk Condoms and Lubricants at Wholesale Prices

Welcome to WholesaleCondoms.Net! Our catalog offers bulk condoms, lubricants and other products, including hard to find items like dental dams and female condoms. We're the same folks you may have done business with before at Condom Country, but now some of our products are available in wholesale quantities. If this is your first visit to WholesaleCondoms.Net, here's some basic information. Thanks for stopping by!

Non-Profits: Please visit our non-profit information page for pricing and ordering details!

Unless otherwise noted, all condoms are in individual foil packages with no other packaging -- no cardboard retail boxes or anything like that. Each case of condoms contains a small number of instructional flyers. Additional instructions are available for nominal cost.

Items with spermicidal lubricants are noted as such in the product name. The spermicide nonoxynol-9 can cause allergic reactions. If you don't know whether you might be allergic, use caution when trying them.

All lubricants on this site are latex compatible and come in single use packets. The size of the packet is included in the product name. For reference, 10 ml is roughly 0.34 fl oz and 3 ml is about 0.10 fl oz.

Choose any of these methods to place an order:

Orders typically ship within three business days via UPS. $250.00 minimum order.
ALL WHOLESALE SALES ARE FINAL. Prices subject to change without notice.
Additional discounts are available on orders of 10+ cases.
Questions? Email us anytime OR call us toll free (866) 722-2477. Thanks!

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