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Thanks for stopping by WholesaleCondoms.Net. This site is brought to you by the same folks responsible for Condom Country -- the first condom store on the web, established way back in 1994. In addition to the quality service and value delivered by Condom Country, WholesaleCondoms.Net offers a wide selection of bulk safer sex supplies at wholesale prices.

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Want to ask us a question? Just send email to service@accessgroupinc.com. It is very helpful to include the invoice number with any correspondence concerning an order.

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Orders typically ship within three business days via UPS. $250.00 minimum order.
ALL WHOLESALE SALES ARE FINAL. Prices subject to change without notice.
Additional discounts are available on orders of 10+ cases.
Questions? Email us anytime OR call us toll free (866) 722-2477. Thanks!

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